33566 contact lenses

33566 Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses exams and fittings in 33566

It’s great that you made the decision to wear our 33566 contact lenses, but it’s our job here at Strong Vision Center to make certain that you have the best possible experience when doing so. That means, of course, excellent vision, but also outstanding comfort and minimizing the chances of any complications. It’s because of all this that we perform our contact lenses exams and fittings.

Don’t confuse this type of exam with a standard eye exam that you get on a yearly basis. Our contact lenses exam is considerably more detailed. The reason is because while your glasses only touch your ears, your contacts touch your eyes. More specifically, they touch your conjunctiva, corneas, and eyelids. This typically will not cause a problem, but there’s no way to know for sure until you are examined by our eye doctor. It’s proactive care, because you want to know your suitability before you bring our 33566 contact lenses home with you. Among the potential concerns is that you would be prone to an eye infection. Equipped with the knowledge you learn from this exam, you can make an informed decision. It’s also essential to have a fitting done. There are different types of our 33566 contact lenses, and comfort varies depending not only on which ones you ultimately go with, but your own unique circumstances. We want you to have the ones that are the most maintenance free. Furthermore, the proper centering of your contacts maximizes the vision correction you can get from them.

When considering all of the benefits that contacts have to offer, including a more natural vision, unhindered side-to-side (peripheral) vision, and no changes to your facial appearance, it only makes sense to take measures that ensure you greater comfort and the best chance of ocular wellness when wearing them. Schedule an appointment with us right now.

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